Meme Mondays: Trump supporters want to destroy the GOP?

Starting now, I want to try and make every monday Meme Monday. Today’s meme format is that of the surprised Pikachu face. (A good example would be here.) In a surprising yet no so surprising turn of events, Trump supporters, like a cancerous mass, have attacked their parent cancerous mass: The GOP. since Trump’s defeat in November, Trump and his supporters have seemingly exited reality, instead phasing into their own fanatasy world (known as the MAGA-verse).

However, reality wouldn’t leave them in peace, as they seemed to remember that Trump had lost the 2020 elections, and started to say “Destroy the GOP”. But why? Because of their childish and very hurt psyche; it is easier to believe that Emperor Orange didn’t lose, but was betrayed by their allies; it’s the only way Trump could have possibly lost! Biden not only cheated, but clearly got help from the GOP to ensure Trump’s defeat…. Yeah right. Wouldn’t surprise me if a conspiracy theory like that is being spun at QAnon and being propagated by Trump himself.