Memphis Pride is coming soon on Saturday September 28th

The 2019 Memphis Pride Fest will be held on Saturday, September 28th at Robert Church Park from 10:00am to 5:00pm. The parade will step off at 1:00pm at the corner of 4th and Beale Street and travel west through the historic Beale Street Entertainment District.

Why is Memphis Pride in September when Pride month is usually in June or over the summer months? Memphis Pride Fest was moved to September in 2011 for several reasons, but mostly because of the high temperatures and humidity in Memphis. We want our entire community to be able to safely enjoy the festival without the adverse health effects from the heat. Another benefit is that it allows our community the opportunity to celebrate Pride all over – by hosting Memphis Pride Fest in September, it gives everyone the chance to visit other festivals without having to miss their hometown celebration.

I’m a really big fan of small to medium size pride celebrations taking advantage of non-prime real estate on the calendar. Making the most of cooler months prior to after the June-July-August summer month block has a lot of upside low-hanging fruit that could really boost local support and attendance. If you would like to know more about Memphis Pride you can check out their official website after the jump!

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