Missouri transfers LGBTQ+ exhibit to the closet

Missouri Republicans have apparently removed a LGBTQ+ exhibit in its state Capitol Building museum. The removal shortly followed after fellow Republican bigot, Uriah Stark, complained via social media “So is there any good reason that our taxpayer-funded museum is pushing the LGBT agenda in our state capitol?”. Republicans attempted to misdirect, claiming the exhibit was removed due to bureaucratic reasons (which was conveniently enforced only after bigots complained).

If you ask me, the exhibit is hardly “in your face”, and definitely as not in your face as Confederate flags, and its racist legacy that is pervasive all across the country. The only openly gay Senator of the state, Greg Razer said in response of the removal “To have this exhibit ripped down and shoved in a closet is offensive,”. It has been moved to Lohman House, of which isn’t considered an acceptable alternative to the Capitol museum.