Moscow Mitch and Putin acknowledge Biden’s victory?

Moscow Mitch and Vladimir Putin, alongside Trump’s other allies, such as the far right government in Poland, have finally acknowledged Biden’s victory just yesterday. As phony as their congratulations are, it certainly was real enough to throw Trump into a tweet tantrum (again). I am very certain that Moscow Mitch (and Putin) only decided to do this to try and distract the country from the upcoming senate elections in Georgia, where his puppets Loeffler and Perdue have a chance to be dethroned.

Also, these regimes might be making preparations against the upcoming Biden-Harris administration. Russia has always been a significant threat, while Poland (and Hungary) threaten to destabilize the European Union, as they both stonewalled the EU’s funding for combatting COVID-19 and climate change. I really hope the world in its entirety chooses to focus their efforts on defeating COVID-19 and curbing their pollution.

2 thoughts on “Moscow Mitch and Putin acknowledge Biden’s victory?”

  1. I hope Biden takes the shackles off the intelligence community and they reign this little devil named Putin.

  2. This is a great example of the ancient spiritual and mystical truth: Birds of a feather flock together.

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