My thoughts on Michael Bloomberg and his billions

I was asked recently, “Hey Mike, what do you think about Michael Bloomberg?’ I thought it was a great question and I wanted to share my thoughts. I’ve actually been thinking about Bloomberg, and his quasi-candidacy, a lot lately because of the press he has been receiving. He has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on his very unique bid for the Democratic nomination. He is not taking part in any of the primaries and has focused his attention, and his money, on media ads.

In short, I am mostly uncomfortable with Bloomberg, and his billions of personal wealth, because I worry about what type of precedent it would set if he was successful in securing the Democratic nomination. I don’t think it would be helpful for us a party, or a country, if we allowed uber rich folks side step the entire primary process because they can buy their way into political legitimacy. Billionaires buying their way into public service violates the spirit of democracy. Look at what the ultra-conservative Koch brothers were able to influence and manipulate with their vast wealth.

On the other hand, Michael Bloomberg has a long history of standing behind liberal ideas and financial supporting Democratic causes and candidates. That shouldn’t be forgotten or glossed over for sure. Maybe having a liberal billionaire throwing his money around wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. God knows liberal minded rich people couldn’t do any worse than Republican big spenders. At this point,however, I wouldn’t vote for Bloomberg to be our nominee because I think we do a disservice to candidates who have been working hard for over a year through the official process.