NASCAR officially bans the Confederate flag!

NASCAR has finally banned the presence of the confederate flag (especially by “fans”) at their stadiums and events.. What I personally find very insulting when I see it displayed is that the confederate flag is often flown in conjunction with the US flag. The flag of the southern confederacy denigrates and devalues the US flag down because it lowers it to the mire of discrimination and racism.

“The presence of the Confederate flag at NASCAR events runs contrary to our commitment to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, our competitors and our industry. Bringing people together around a love for racing and the community that it creates is what makes our fans and sport special,” NASCAR said in a statement Wednesday. “The display of the Confederate flag will be prohibited from all NASCAR events and properties.”

6/15/20, citation from ESPN.

People try make this out to be a very complicated issue, but in all seriousness, standing up to racism and bigotry is not rocket science. The Confederacy started a civil war so they could keep slavery legal in their states. That fact alone is all we need to about its history and the idiots that wave it high and proud. Forget the spin and let actions speak louder than their words. The confederate flag is primarily flown or defended by the KKK, conservative Republicans, Trump supporters, Neo Nazis, white supremacists, and racists. If Germany can ban the Nazi swastika, surely and at the very least, American companies can ban the confederate flag once and for all. Especially since the current administration would never even think of it.

Ultimately, NASCAR’s decision, while some have questioned whether or not it can be enforced, is sure to see racists leave NASCAR. I say good riddance. Some think the potential loss of viewership will hurt NASCAR but I think this is only true if you’re thinking short term. In the long run, it means more independent and liberal viewers that the racists (and their flag) have otherwise kept away. I think banning racism, and racist artifacts, simply makes economical sense. I think that’s what time will tell us all.

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  1. This made me jump for joy! That flag is the moral equivalent of displaying flags with the Nazi swastika on it. It makes me sick to my stomach as a person of faith and an American. Kudos to NASCAR for doing the right thing.

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