National Coming Out Day 2019

The 31st annual National Coming Out Day is coming soon this Friday, October 11th and I’m super stoked! National Coming Out Day is one the greatest ideas I’ve ever known and maybe my favorite gay holiday…ever! NCOD celebrates and honors the very personal and very courageous personal decision to come out of the closet and live a life in the light of day. The darkness of the closet offers a false sense of security and really does more damage, in the long run, to the cause of equality and gay rights.

Coming out and living openly and honestly to your family, friends, and coworkers does more to strengthen and unify us and is one of the greatest forces humanity has ever known! I’ve recently re-upped my membership in the Human Rights Campaign. They do really great, have been around for a long time, and had enough political sense to endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016. They have a section of their official website that is, and has always been, dedicated to the NCOD. Check it out after the jump!