Netflix series “Elite” Actor goes official with boyfriend

Omar Ayuso, who plays the gay Muslim character on Netflix’s series “Elite” has officially came out as gay when he posted a picture of him and his boyfriend on Instagram (down below). Him being gay doesn’t come as quite a surprise either; earlier in April he had posted a picture of a video chat that showed him and a nude guy. Nevertheless, this is very welcome news and I applaud him to officially being out. Makes me feel better that a gay character from a film wasn’t handed to yet another heterosexual. To me, that’s been somewhat of a problem because it doesn’t allow the LGBTQ+ community to be accurately represented in films.

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  1. We all have a moral and ethical responsibility to live openly and honestly to our family, friends, coworkers. The darkness of the closet is nothing more than false sense of security. The closet hurts us all.

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