Oneplus 8 and Pro: First Thoughts

One of the first things the tech world always looks at when “reviewing” the oneplus is the pricing. It has always managed to creep up; but that’s okay. Oneplus has never been about being cheap, but directly competing with premium smartphones by offering the same or more superior specs at a lower price. While $699-$999 doesn’t seem cheap, the price still manages to be hundreds cheaper than the iPhone and Samsung Galaxies. Their pricing is $999 to $1449 (Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and iPhone 11 Pro Max), which is honestly bonkers.

Keep in mind there are two models: Oneplus 8 and Oneplus 8 Pro. Their pricing is $699 and $899, and an additional $100 for each model if you upgrade from 128GB/8GB to 256/12GB. Obviously, the 8 Pro is superior in pretty much everyway (there is a $200 disparity for a reason). The key differences between the 2 is: The display: size (6.55 vs 6.8), resolution (Full HD+ vs QHD+), and refresh rate (90hz vs 120hz). Cameras, and slightly different specs regarding performance. Otherwise, they’re essentially the same after that.

When compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, what you need to ask is “How much does the iPhone 11 NOT have?”, as it has much less RAM (4GB vs 8GB-12GB, less screen resolution and real estate, only 60HZ, slower charging, smaller battery, etc.) Versus the S20, the 8 Pro has 120hz at any resolution, while the S20 only offers 120hz at Full HD+ resolution. And of course, to my Oneplus 7 Pro. The 8 Pro is better in everyway, except in one regard – it has a holepunch in the upper left corner, while the 7 Pro has an absolutely flawless display, which is actually notable enough to keep me from upgrading!