Order 66: Democracy is the enemy

As corrupt as many police departments have been, ranging from their ability to investigate themselves for misconduct, to not having to take accountability entirely, there are at least some ways to identify and take action against them. However, leave it to Trump (and the GOP that continues to enable him) to make a bad problem even worse. He has given authority the ultimate weapon to avoid accountability: Anonymity/Secrecy. It’s sad, because anonymity in itself is used for many good reasons. It has allowed for much needed whistleblowers, and to keep those vulnerable safe. Leave it to fascists to turn something good into something bad.

There are very basic principles involved in trying to turn a democracy into dictatorial, tyrannical, or authoritarian sate. They involve: the radicalization of [young] people, scapegoating a specific group of people, attempts to suppress the media, excessive use of power, and of course, the usage of a secret police force. Secret police are used against political opponents or even its own citizens. It’s more than obvious that Trump see our very own citizens as opponents. This especially applies to those backing and participating in the George Floyd protests. Dare I say, we are already in that stage of tyranny where the Emperor wants to stay in office, even if he loses in November. As Americans, we need the media more than ever, and we need to vote more than ever, no matter how much fear Trump tries to instill.

Just some symbols fascists have soiled.

No, that’s not the Nazi swastika. That’s a svastika; Asian symbols that represent virtues such as love and luck. Flip it in the other direction, and now it represents the Third Reich. The svastika is just one of many symbols that have been sullied by facists. However, you don’t see Asian cultures readily flaunting it like some Americans do the Confederate flag. That’s because they have common sense and recognize that the symbol to most still represents white supremacy. (See Japan’s decision in the 2020 Olympics to change their manji (svastika) into something else)

Don’t be shocked if you see swastikas in Asia; they mean something else entirely.

Oh look, it’s Pepe! Pepe is a rather harmless character from a comic. Unfortunately, he’s now the posterchild behind Alt-Right facists on 4chan and other troll sites. If your confused on the title of this post, Order 66 was a top secret order in Star Wars that essentially identified all Jedi (good guys) as enemies of the state (the Sith).