Our Neighborhood Cat

Let’s take a short break from the harsh realities that plague this country. Instead, let’s add some purr and furr to your day. This is our ying and yang neighborhood cat, Sylvester. He’s quite the wanderer; he stumbles into many homes, but mostly ours (or so I believe). He’s quite needy, but the rewards are worth it; there are few things in the world that can compete with a happy cat’s purr, meow, and cuddles. Having the trust of an animal is precious, and can make you a better person, I believe. This is what Trump needs in his life; unfortunately animals hate his guts, or maybe it’s that alien resting on his head.

How we all want to sleep when we return home after a lonnngggg day.
Sylvester assuming the “meat loaf” position. This means he’s trying to stay warm.
Some adorable licking