Paul Gascoigne: Proud of his bisexual son for coming out.

Paul Gascoigne is a professional (and famous) British soccer star. His son, Regan, came out last November as bisexual on an interview and texted Paul the night before. What’s surprising is that before all this, Paul and Regan didn’t always have the best relationship. At 12 (2013), Regan essentially recalls wanting his dad out of his life. It was at this time that Paul divorced his now ex-wife Sheryl and “abandoned” Regan. Despite the hardships, Regan and his dad have a great relationship. Paul, in response to being texted by his son that he’s bisexual, said “It doesn’t matter what you do son, I will support you 100%, you have to do what makes you happy”. This couldn’t have gone any better, especially when there are certain parents who would send their gay/bi kid straight to an immoral and cruel place known as “conversion therapy”.

Regan is totally hot.
The whole family as seen years ago; 3 kids including Regan, and Paul’s ex-wife, Sheryl.

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