Pride season is almost over

So the 2019 pride season is almost over. Of the 36 cities in our gay directory, 34 of them have seen their city celebrations come and go, so the bulk of them are in the books. On the upside, there are still 4 more to go: Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Orlando are coming up fast on the weekend of the 11th. The very last pride of the 36 cities we keep a closer eye on is in Hawaii.

Pride celebrations still to come

October 11-13, 2019: Atlanta Pride

October 11-12, 2019: Las Vegas Pride

October 12, 2019: Orlando Pride

October 19, 2019: Honolulu Pride

Are gay prides still necessary?

There a lot of folks, good folks, even gay folks, that decry the annual ritual of local gay communities coming together for parades and festivals. There are some that believe that they are no longer needed and some go so far as to say they even hurt the cause of equality by highlighting drinking, dancing, nudity, and drag queens on the 6:00 o’clock news. I could not disagree more. Yes, we have made huge strides in the right direction when it comes to gay rights. We have climbed the marriage mountain and planted a big old rainbow flag at the summit because we won the right and freedom to marry in this country. I would argue they are even more needed today than they were 20 years ago because we still have a lot of battles to fight.

We still need workplace protections to pass legislatively, reparative therapy that tries to “fix” gay youth has not been outlawed in all 50 states, gay teen suicide is still a black eye on the face of our nation. These are just a few of the important next battles we need to wage and win to help push the envelope of equality forward to help the next generation of gay activism. I’d like to see someone take up the task of bringing down the discriminatory practice of barring gays and lesbians from donating blood on spec. There is still so much to do. Education, awareness, and visibility is like wood on the fire of progress and if we stop fueling that fight we could lose ground and momentum. I believe this with all of our my heart.