Pride watch: Minneapolis

Minneapolis pride originally postponed their in-person that was to take place in June. However, they made a new decision to replace their in-person pride with a virtual pride on June 27-28. See more information at their post and Facebook page below.

Anyways, I applaud prides that have postponed to 2021 or went virtual. Right now, it just seems irresponsible to still have plans of massive gatherings at any point in 2020, especially since tens of thousands (soon to hit hundreds of thousands) of Americans have died at the hands of the anti-Science, anti-Life, anti-Logic, homophobic (the list goes on) Trump administration. Right now, we’re not even half-way done with COVID-19. It doesn’t help that red states are already starting to operate as if everything is okay. Then again, who’s not to say these in person prides wouldn’t be able to meet safety guidelines? Rainbow facemasks? A “drive-thru” parade? Whatever happens, I believe it up to organizations (including LGBTQ+ prides) must practice safety and responsibility for the sake of our people.

After postponing in-person #TCPride2020 events due to COVID-19, we are excited to announce virtual celebrations over…

Posted by Twin Cities Pride on Friday, 15 May 2020