Pride Watch: Sacramento

On April 22, Sacramento has cancelled all in-person pride festivities for 2020 . At this time, it is unclear if they will do virtual pride events, but they have talked about exploring options, which have yet to be announced. They also promoted Global Pride, making it more likely they won’t have their own virtual pride. There isn’t any information regarding next year’s pride, either.

To be clear, Pride is not cancelled, in-person mass gatherings are cancelled. Nothing can take away the pride in our community or in our hearts. The Center will continue to find ways to fly our Pride flags and celebrate the diversity, life, and resiliency of our community.  We are exploring remote options that will safely allow us to connect with one another, celebrate Pride, and continue to bring hope and activism to the Sacramento region’s LGBTQ and allied community. Also, Global Pride a virtual event scheduled for June 27th will be a 24-hour international, virtual event that promises to bring together Pride events from around the globe to share messages of hope for our movement.

Read their full statement here.