Remembering Pulse Nightclub massacre: Honor them with action!

On June 12, Equality Florida, led by Pulse Nightclub Shooting survivor Brandon Wolf, will mark four years since the tragedy in Orlando by launching the organization’s largest election and voter mobilization program ever. The message is simple: honor the victims by making a plan to vote. Pride month is the celebration of a riot. It commemorates a street protest sparked when bar patrons at the Stonewall Inn, led by trans people of color, fought back against routine police violence. Over 6 days, the small band of patrons were joined by 1,000 protestors who clashed in the streets with police and energized the movement for LGBTQ equality.

Today, Pride month arrives as people have once again taken to the street in response to yet another police murder of an unarmed Black man. It arrives as police in Tallahassee have yet to answer questions surrounding the police shooting death of Tony McDade, a Black trans man. We will continue to demand the truth. As a multiracial movement, we know true equity for all LGBTQ people requires that we embrace dismantling systemic racism as inseparable from our mission.

With our hearts already heavy from the lives taken by police brutality and hate violence, this week marks 4 years since the Pulse massacre. Each year we remember the 49 lives taken on Latin night at the popular gathering place for young LGBTQ people of color. We have called on the community to #HonorThemWithAction — to transform grief and loss into concrete action to build a better world.