Rest in power, beautiful: We stand with Black Lives Matter

As protests rage across our nation and Emperor Trump beats his chest with threats of military action against “thugs” (which is white supremist code for African Americans) this warned my heart and I wanted to share it. The police brutality must stop. The mass murder of Black men must stop. The stain of institutional racism must stop. Rest in peace George Floyd. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Here is some copy from the BLM website:

George Floyd couldn’t breathe. We can’t either.

We live in fear. Fear of walking outside. Wearing a hoodie. Going for a jog. Sleeping in our own home. Existing.

Every day, a new hashtag.

Every hour, a new injustice.

Every second, more pain.

We don’t deserve to live like this — and we continue to fight until white supremacy no longer permeates every corner of this country — until we can live full lives — freely.

Hat tip for this blog over at the Black Lives Matter official site.