reUNITED: Capital Pride 2022

Today’s official Pride Watch post highlights the LGBTQ+ Pride parade and block party in Washington, D.C. Like so many other Prides across the country, D.C. is making their reappearance as a live, in-person event. The main events are set for Saturday, June 11.

Pride 2022 is an important celebration for our LGBTQ+ community as we will be reUNITED to build connections that can be then used to create positive change in our region, our country, and our world. We will once again return to the streets and meet each other as we renew the bonds and relationships that have empowered us forward to this point. The issues that are critical to our community did not disappear over the last few years, but instead grew and changed and now present us with new challenges. From further anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in this country to the perils faced by members of our international community in places like Ukraine, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Central America, and many others, we must unify as we work on solutions that will move us towards a better world.