Sacramento Badlands

This weekend, I have taken the opportunity to go to Sacramento for my first gay club and bar experiences. Last night, I went to the Badlands. It was relatively upkeep and a little comfortable to be in, with furniture spread across the space. There was definetely danceable, club music playing too, and a very lively crowd.

Badland does have a huge opportunity to improve, though. The air quality was horrible. There was the stench of cigarette smoke in every corner; I could feel my lungs burning from all the second hand smoke. Yes, there is NO smoking allowed inside of Badlands. But people still smoke inside; in the bathroom, or running back and forth the club holding a lit cigarette, also the doors to the outdoor area for the smokers were also wide open. Badlands needs to tighten watch on smokers and leave the smoker area doors closed at all times.

Still, what I most like about Badlands is the diversity. You can tell a lot by a place just by looking at the people there. Badlands had a noticeable range of characters of different sexual orientations, ethnicities, gender, and so on. It would be hard to feel unwelcome and bored at such a location.