Scream, Queen! Mark Patton and his Nightmare on Elm Street documentary

As a part of my Halloween roll of spooky stuff to do and see I rewatched several of the Nightmare on Elm Streets. I was amused and reacquainted with just how gay the second installment was. There were gay bars, homo erotic scenes all throughout the film, and a leather daddy spanking shower scene. I’m no social scientist but that’s pretty gay! Especially for the 1980’s. Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy’s Revenge also featured a young, bright, upcoming gay actor named Mark Patton.

Freddy’s Revenge was supposed to be his break out movie that jumpstarted his career in Hollywood. It turned out be everything but. Rabid antigay Elm Street fans had a vitriolic reaction to the gay subtexts of the film and to the young gay actor. Mark Patton was reviled and ridiculed and eventually run out of the acting business.

Now there is a new documentary film featuring Mark Patton, who is now 60…and still gay I might add! The film tells the story, quite frankly, of his Nightmare on Elm Street. Today, the gay-friendly Freddy sequel is lauded as groundbreaking and heralded as revolutionary but that doesn’t take away the pain and shame and hurt Mark Patton had to endured. This documentary does that, and more, by also delving into the hate, homophobia and dark forces that work tirelessly trying to keep actors from coming out of the closet. Here is the trailer for Scream, Queen! My Nightmare on Elm Street: