Shitbirds of a feather stick together

Trump is a shitbird. So are his supporters, his enablers, his allies (be them white supremacists, or fascists abroad, or people who just please Trump). Shitbirds of a feather stick together, which is quite a discrepancy from birds of a feather flocking together. Shitbird is somewhat of an actual term by the way, meaning useless, despicable, and untidy (hence shitbird; a bird that does not keep themselves tidy will be smothered in shit). The shitbird analogy is perfect for representing how Trump and his like-minded acolytes just love to get in deep shit for everything, be it denying climate change, fostering bigotry, and smothering each other with complementary poo. (Scott Morrison recently received called “legion of merit” from Trump. Honestly, awards from Trump are worthless, and are doubly worthless when given to another shitbird).

The faces of the shitbirds (plus a snake, a turtle, and a giant turd)

Hungary PM (Viktor Orban), Poland PM (Mateusz Morawiecki), Indonesia PKS (Not a face, but a logo of a “Muslim” political party that is 100% homophobia, sexism, and ignorance; sound familiar?), the GOP (as a giant turd) Turkey PM (Erdoğan), Austrlia PM (Scott Morrison), Trump (obviously), Mitch McConnell (as a turtle), Vladimir Putin (as a snake), and a Cal-idiot (Devin Nunes).