Starbucks peppermint mocha breakthrough

I made a wonderful discovery this week while having coffee with friends and I just had to share. If you know anything about me you know that my go-to-number-one most favorite cup of Joe at Starbucks is a “tall, peppermint mocha, no-whip, extra hot.” It’s delish and you can get it year round. During the holidays they use peppermint sprinkles, which are red, for the added visual holiday vibe.

I’ve been on a kick over the last three months to lose some weight so my favorite drink has been on hiatus, along my beloved Smirnoff Ice, in order to cut extra calories out of my diet. I’ve been making it through by just living off my tall blonde pour-over when I’m at Starbucks. Long story short a friend tried ordering a skinny peppermint mocha last week and I had in my mind to try it for myself. I did today and voila! I have a new best drink.

Just order the same drink with no-whip and nonfat or low fat milk and you are good to go. The skinny peppermint mocha is only 140 calories and that I can deal with during my once a week coffee session with my adopted sister. How cool is that!?