Steve King loses primary battle

I can’t tell you how happy I am right now. In a political world that seems upside down right since 2016, and against the current back drops of COVID-19 and George Floyd protests, can this be a glimmer of hope and a good omen for 2020? The racist bigot and House representative Steve King has lost the Iowa state primary!

Here is a great quote from the Voter Protection Project…

Friends — Steve King has lost his primary bid for re-election. This is a HISTORIC moment! Tuesday, Iowa voters rejected King’s xenophobic, racist, and radical agenda.

King lost his seat to challenger Iowa State Senator Randy Feenstra. I don’t know too much about him, obviously, because I am NOT a Republican. He seemed to have the backing of most state leaders and the state party. Feenstra hit King hard for being stripped of his committee assignments in D.C. because of racist and bigoted statements and positions. I just wish Republicans would hold The Donald to the same standards.

Oh well. Hopefully, this iteration of the Republican Party will go down in flames right along side dictator Trump in November!