Subscription Shenanigans: Regal Unlimited Pass

When Regal first rolled out their Unlimited Pass, which allows you to watch any movie at anytime, I just wasn’t sure whether or not it was worth it, since I simply didn’t go to movie theaters that often. After all, who could possibly enjoy lousy seating, inability to use the bathrooms (without missing some portion of the movie), and overpriced snacks and drinks. Luckily, some of these can be mitigated, as it’s not difficult to sneak in some of your own snacks (or even drinks). (Should theaters actually try to enforce purse/bag checking, they might as well resign to Netflix and simple movie streaming at home).

Recliners are the only way to go.

Additionally, a Regal near me has recliner seating, putting shame to uncomfortable stadium seating. Now to watch at least one movie a week. The Unlimited Pass has 3 tiers, $18, $21, or $23.5 (not including tax). The highest tier allows you to use the unlimited pass at all Regal theaters, while the lower tiers have less Regal theaters to use the pass at. Despite its name and the fact its a subscription, you still pay a fee when reserving movies. It’s only 50 cents, but it’s still a little insulting to ‘Unlimited Pass’ members. Surcharges ($1.5-$3) may also apply to premium seating and formats (IMAX, 4DX, etc), which I guess makes sense.

Do you need access to that many Theaters?

The subscription also requires commitment to a minimum of 90 days or a year; cancelling the subscription (if you can) before the period results in additional fees. Did you catch where I said “if you can”? The subscription is not easy to cancel; there isn’t a simple button to just end it. Instead, they want the person giving them money to take the additional effort to email or call them to cancel. I (and I imagine most other people) don’t like it when any company decides to place barriers in canceling subscriptions, so that’s a strike. Regal’s shenanigans don’t end there, because if you choose to email them to cancel the subscription, they just don’t respond. My boyfriend learned this the hard way (to my benefit).

I think Regal just became as villainous as Thanos.

To cancel the subscription (do you really want to call them if they can’t get back to you via email?), you simply have to invalidate the payment method provided for the Unlimited Pass. No subscription should ever involve multiple hoops to jump through, and should never be as sleezy as Regal’s. I recommend not wasting your time and money with the Unlimited Pass (unless you really love going out to theaters). On principle alone, I may never go to a Regal again.