Supreme Court Reform: America needs it.

Despite Biden having squashed Trump in the 2020 elections, the 2020 elections were far too suspenseful. It’s quite clear that the electoral college is severely flawed and has been rigged to favor Republican victories. Republicans asinine policy of spreading misinformation about the elections, voter fraud, and red states passing undemocratic voter suppression laws, and their infestation of the justice system has all but left America’s democratic foundations under continuous fire. Republicans managing a 6-3 Supreme Court Majority (3 Trump appointees; one after Mitch McConnel denied Obama’s supreme court pick and approved Trump’s pick in 2017, Kavanaugh, the calendar guy who likes beer and forgets things, and Barrett, who was rushed only a week before the elections.

With such a partisan advantage, the Supreme Court could have potentially undermined 2020’s election (which thankfully, did not happen). Though the election saga has long been over, the Supreme Court’s potential to royally screw Americans over is not. The 6-3 majority can significantly impede the Biden’s administration goals, and wage war on civil rights, such as Roe v. Wade (abortions), Obergefell v. Hodges (marriage equality), and further gut voting rights (which has already been under enough assault as it is). It seems that expanding the Supreme Court is the only viable option.

Despite that, there are no plans from the top Democrats to do that. Instead, they will wait until Biden’s commission to analyze the Supreme Court, which was recently created, concludes. When? 180 days after the commission’s first public meeting, which could be in May. It is very essential that the Supreme Court gets reformed, because, it is the peak of the American justice system, and if the Supreme Court can’t do its job for the people, many citizens will have very little faith and trust in the entire judicial system, as well as law enforcement. Though law enforcement is part of the executive branch, law enforcement and the criminal justice system go hand in hand with each other. Corrupt police, corrupt justice.