The Batman: Batman Calzony

Little Caesars has usually been the underdog of pizza; relatively cheap prices for not so bad pizza. They have more expensive pizza options as well that are even greater; just don’t be enticed by their dessert options however, they look great on the banners but are great disappointment in real life. One of Little Caesars’ newest and arguably the best addition is the Batman Calzony. The pizza is in the shape of a bat, which the folded portions of the pizza being the calzony, while the rest is a normal pepperoni (or cheese) pizza.

The garlicly, cheese filled calzony is folded in such a way the pizza resembles the Batman logo

This pizza is obviously a shout out to the new Batman movie coming out, which stars Robert Pattinson. If you purchase or manage to pickup the pizza over the counter, it appears that they hand you out a movie poster as well.