The Democratic Party does not have an inclusion problem

I’m sorry. We don’t. There is a lot of hay that is being made since Senator Kamala Harris dropped out of the primary race. Folks like Al Sharpton, and others, are crying foul and victim because we don’t have an African-American candidate. They are saying the DNC isn’t doing their job and that we aren’t doing right by the Black voter. I like and respect Reverend Al but I have to call foul. Let me repeat: We do not have an inclusion problem and the African-American party needs to look in the mirror and stop pointing fingers and playing the blame game.

Democrats stand up for everyone who is not white, rich, male, and straight. Democrats stand up for all minorities, not just African-Americans. We stand up for those who believe a woman has the right to choose what she does with her own body. We stand up for the economically challenged, immigrants, for GLBTQ+ folks, and we stand up for the people that are having their voting access taken away. It took us a while but we got on board, and stayed on board, with the gay marriage train. We believe education, and health care, are rights everyone deserves, not just those who can afford it. We have obligations to all Democrats, not just Black Dems, to put forth the best candidate who survives the rigorous primary process. We might not have an African-American candidate anymore but we do have an openly gay man, a formidable woman, an self-avowed socialist, liberal and moderate, and young and old candidate pool. Let’s not forget we put the first African American President in office. I’m sorry, we don’t have an inclusion problem and to say we do is inaccurate and irresponsible.

I think the African-American community needs to look in the mirror. We had two viable, young, dynamic Black candidates in the race: Kamala Harris and Corey Booker. Kamala has called it quits and Corey is still running. It’s been an entire year, give or take, and for whatever reason neither candidate made significant inroads toward securing any type of real, measurable, strong support for Black voters. Why is that? Why didn’t voters shore up Kamala Harris when her campaign struggled and lulled? Whey aren’t African-Americans swarming Corey Booker right now or showering him with financial support? The same group of disgruntles are trying to call foul because Corey Booker hasn’t qualified for the December debate. I would love to see folks in this camp stop attacking the DNC and start looking in the mirror and asking the right questions. Why aren’t more Black voters supporting African-American candidates more?

That is a more legitimate, honest, authentic query than attacking and tearing down stakes and poles a pretty big Democratic tent.

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