The Fight is Just Beginning

With Biden’s overwhelming victory, not just in the electoral college but also in the popular vote, with a landslide of a 6,885,092 lead over Trump. While Trump has been more irrelevant than he previously was, he’s managed to get back into the media’s attention again: Pay for pardon schemes and pre-pardons. Despite this, this is the least of our worries (I’m slightly certain Trump will be convicted on almost all of his crimes when he’s out).

Our attention needs to be in the senate, with January 5th being the date to whether good or evil prevails. Don’t be tricked however; the Georgian Republican senators on the ballot aren’t really Perdue and Loeffler, but pets on McConnell’s turtle claws. While we won’t obtain a majority in the senate if Georgia’s Democratic senators win, it won’t be a tie either, since VPOTUS elect Kamala Harris can break ties.

1 thought on “The Fight is Just Beginning”

  1. Georgia needs to get woke, run these two nut jobs out of office, and sit Mitch’s racist, obstructionist ass down once and for all.

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