The hydroxychloroquine hoax

If you are paying attention at all you know that Fox and Friends (and The Donald) have been Trumpeting the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible miracle cure for coronavirus. They started talking about its healing properties on Fox Faux News on March 3rd and then the growing chorus spilled over as others jumped on the bad wagon, like Dr. Oz, and our uniformed and illegitimate president. Well, here we are a month later, and not only do we know that hydroxychloroquine is useless against the novel coronavirus and there was never any scientific or medical evidence that it ever did. Spreading misinformation and pushing talk tracks or crackpot solutions because you want to protect your political aspirations like Trump has every day since this pandemic started is dangerous and unpatriotic.

1 thought on “The hydroxychloroquine hoax”

  1. Just having Dr. Oz, a notorious con man and perpetrator of quack medicine and psuedoscience, should be enough to destroy this “president’s” reputation. Unfortunately, perpetrators of fake news and fake science is what sells good for Trump and his cronies.

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