Title IX Exemptions being challenged

Above graphic from University of Alaska Fairbanks

So, Title IX is federal civil rights law in the USA that prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or other education program that receives federal money. If any school breaches title IX, it loses federal funding. However, Christian” campuses can apply to be exempt from Title IX and still receive federal funds, because discrimination is apparently a vital right to these “Christian” facilities. This has allowed a plethora of Christian universities to just kick out LGBTQ+ students simply for being LGBTQ+, regardless of whether or not they were a good student and paid for their tuition.

Sure, these students could probably just go to another Christian University that aren’t Title IX exempt, but that’s not the point. These Title IX exempt universities absolutely should not be receiving federal funds at all, and, chances are, the students cannot go anywhere else (their own religious beliefs would compel them to the campus, be it a family tradition, or if their parents are only willing to send their kids to that school). This isn’t new; a California bill sought to do something about Title IX exemptions back in 2016.

Thanks to Campus Pride, there’s a shame list of Title IX exempt campuses.

As of just last week, a group of 33 former and current students have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Education, demanding that Title IX exemptions be declared unconstitutional, especially in how the universities practice discrimination against LGBTQ+ students. Unsurprisingly, these so called Christian universities are fearful losing their ‘right’ to discriminate, just as a plethora of other religious institutions are against the Do No Harm Act.