Trump: Baffled at why people serve in the military.

Featured image: A plain black and white flag show support to the military, at least so I think. This same flag design is also seen in some BLM support emblems. Not to be confused with the more controversial thin blue line flag!

Observe Trump. The “patriot” who dodged the draft. That in itself already makes him unfit to be commander of chief. However, there was a recent revelation: Trump simply hates America. His disdain and disrespect for the US military has been present everywhere. Rememebr that one day he decided to do a raincheck on visiting the Arlington National Cemetery because of, rain? Turns out, those who have died (for our country) are losers. Those that get injuries? Also losers. Those who just happen to serve? Suckers. The man simply doesn’t understand what it means to die for the greater good (for our rights and freedom); to be selfless. Afterall, he’s a socipathetic liar, incapable of empathy. He has a fragile ego, represented by his constant attempts to pretty up before the cameras, and his disdain to anyone who simply cares.

Since when is sacrifice is losing? The selfless act of dying is shameful?
Trump is the personification of white elitist prilvege; he simply views the military and working class as slaves and disposable – their existence is merely to serve, presumbaly for free.

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