Trump ensnared by his own dangerous devices

Talk about your chickens coming home to roost. The Donald was trapped in a snare of his own foolish and dangerous making today and I fear the worst may be yet to come. This is why “the blind leading the blind” can be such a train wreck because they BOTH fall into the ditch. The Donald has mocked mask wearing, decried social distancing, and worked against health officials inside and outside of the federal government to protect his chances of being reelected. 200,000-plus Americans dead. We have the highest confirmed case count in the world and our disjointed, state by state, county by county, no real federal leadership role has been an unmitigated disaster. Trump is now reaping what he has sown since March of this year.

Early this morning The Donald announced via Twitter that he and his wife Melania had tested positive for COVID-19. It was a stunning revelation to be sure but as the day went on we got more tidbits of information from different news accounts. Earlier this week special assistant Hope Hicks had tested positive and had unfettered, close quartered contact to Trump, the entire Trump family, and all senior staff. We already know that this administration refuses and rebuffs mask wearing and social distancing and now the leader of the free world has begun his battle with the deadly coronavirus. Before I proceed let me say that while I am no fan or supporter of Trump I also wish him no ill will or any permanent harm. It’s just sad and ironic that as he combats a pandemic disease that he has single-handedly botched our national response to my only real surprise is that it hadn’t happened sooner.

Then came the news, first in a video posted to Twitter, that The Donald would be visiting Walter Reed hospital for further treatment and “precautionary measures”. This is serious stuff folks. I mean really. We are already know that Trump was feeling fatigued and was exhibiting “mild” symptoms which spurned concern and caution in the White House. We now know that not only was The Donald experiencing fatigue and a mild fever he was also experiencing respiratory issues. The White House medical team also started him on an experimental regimen used for older, at risk patients. Trump is not a healthy man. He’s very overweight, he’s 74 years of age, and has a terrible regular diet. Instead of helping keep our country safe, his staff safe, his family safe, and himself safe he’s created a monster that now has him in his grasp. We now also know that he will be staying in the hospital for a few days for extended treatment. With the election just a month away, Trump is now swimming upstream against a current he himself has unleashed.