Voting goes brrr

Americans have been voting early in historic numbers. Of course, this depends on the state; California and other progressive states make voting easy, safe, and convenient. Republicans however haven’t taken lightly to this; they know that more votes are bad for them. They’re so scared that they’ve taken even more extreme measures to intimidate voters, such as “Trump Trains” to block the roads or endanger the lives of motorists, spreading lies that voting is somehow bad, and trying to discard votes. If you haven’t heard, California Republicans had placed fake ballot drop off boxes just a few weeks ago.

Voting is one of the most basic rights in any democracy, yet, it is a right that is most fought for, paid for by the blood of Americans who just want to be treated like Americans. Don’t let the right wing Nazis take away your only real power to cancel bigotry. If you’ve not yet voted, please drop your ballot off at approved locations, so that you may bypass the Trump’s administration disenfranchisement of the USPS. If you have to vote in person, please stay safe!