We endorse former V.P. Joe Biden for U.S. President 2020

The 2020 elections are less than 90 days away now and we’ve decided to make our very first presidential endorsement and we are throwing our support behind Joe Biden. Joe Biden has spent decades and decades in public service, a track of service sans any major scandal we might add, and honorably served Number One to President Obama. Joe Biden is an institutionalist that will be just what the doctor ordered to help heal and repair the damage inflicted on our democracy by the most unqualified and unfit leader of the free world in the history of our country.

We aren’t just going to rebuild what has worked in the past. This is our opportunity to build back better than ever.


We are not only fighting for the soul of America we are fighting for the lives of Americans against the backdrop of COVID-19. We are not only fighting for the spirit of America we are fighting for the very democracy that has been the shining light on a hill that cannot be hid from the whole world. Help us, and help America, make this charlatan a one-time president.