We endorse Pete Buttigieg

Today is President’s Day and we can think of no better day to make our official announcement that we are endorsing Pete Buttigieg for President. Last week, Out and Advocate threw their shoulders of support behind Elizabeth Warren. While we love Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders we feel compelled to get behind the first viable out and proud candidate for leader of the free world ever in our history. There are many reasons why made this choice but here are the most important and pressing top three.

Visibility matters

Harvey Milk used to say, “The number one enemy of gay people everywhere is being invisible.” No truer words have ever been spoken. The secrecy and suffocation of the closet does more to hurt the cause of gay rights and equality than anything the radical right can throw at us. Visibility breeds symbolism and symbolism can lead to hope. This message needs to reach every corner of the globe. LGBTQIA people exist and we matter. We are business leaders, we are blue collar workers, we are students, we are teachers, we are moms and we are dads. We make it easier for conservatives and bigots to spread lies and innuendo about us when we stay in the shadows. Visibility matters and while we will always need straight allies and leaders who are sympathetic to gay rights we can move the needle exponentially with political candidates who are gay themselves.

Medicare for all who want it

Liberals and progressives seem to have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to national health coverage. It’s Medicare for all…period. No discussion and no negotiation. This is a hill they seem to ready and willing to die on. We are not convinced this is the right approach. Pete Buttigieg supports national health care coverage and balks at the idea of throwing millions of Americans off their current plans. Medicare for all is a great goal and definitely something to keep in mind longer term but we reject the idea that we can get such a large undertaking done, and done well, on the first go round. Throwing people of their more traditional plans that are subsidized by their employers against their will is not my idea of a good policy. Medicare should be created and made available as an option to anyone and everyone who desires to be on the new plan. People should have a choice and say in their health coverage. We applaud and support Pete Buttigieg on this key policy issue and appreciate his leadership on the matter. Standing up for what he thinks is best for all Americans, not just liberals and ultra progressives, demonstrates to us a presidential acumen we desperately need back in Washington DC and the Oval office.

Moderate is not a dirty word

Liberal is not a dirty word. Progressive is not a dirty word. Well guess what? Moderate isn’t a dirty word either! The next U.S. President must have the vision and leadership skills to govern the entire country. We appreciate his more moderate and center of the road tendencies when it comes to his rhetoric and policy ideas. Liberals and progressives alone will not get us to the promised land. This is how elections work (when Putin isn’t putting his finger on the scale: 40% of voters will vote Republican and 40% will vote Democrat. It’s the 20% of moderates and independents who sit in between the two that actually decide our presidential races. That’s telling and super important when it comes to a national, electoral college race. Pete Buttigieg and his moderate leanings will set him up to compete nationally against the Emperor and his minions.

Obviously we are going to fully support whoever gets the nomination because the any of the serious contenders left in the race will be head and shoulders above this Crook we have now. We think Pete Buttigieg can move us forward along the arc of equality in a way no other candidate can because he is openly gay. His stand on Medicare for All (who want it) shows he has the leadership temperament to stand up for what’s right for all Americans and his moderate propensities will appeal to independents in most places.

If you would like to know more about the Pete for American campaign you can do so after the jump.