We’re with her! Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden.

It’s that time again; the time to vote for who gets to be in the presidential office. It’s also time to finally get Trump out of office (so he and his cronies can finally face justice; of which has been erraenously and illegally delayed/declined). What better than to have Trump’saarch nemesis, Hillary Clinton, to endorse Biden for the 2020 elections? I feel her endorsement should embolden those who weren’t exactly planning to vote for an old, white male for the millionth time. If Hillary Clinton is still a controversial character for you, please understand that Trump is a million times worse! If you’re a Bernie supporter, do understand that anyone Democrat is his preference over the Nazi prick. If it’s possible to vote in November, please vote blue and galvanize everyone you can!

1 thought on “We’re with her! Hillary Clinton endorses Joe Biden.”

  1. How many lives would have been literally saved if Hillary Clinton was our Commander-in-Chief? Don’t kid yourself…thousands.

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