White Splash Wine Blend

2010 White Wine: White Splash (13.5 ABV), from St. Francis Winery & Vineyards, Santa Rosa California. This wine is a white blend, which is composed Viognier (medium body), Pinot Grigio (dry, yet light bodied), Malvasia (sweet), and Gewürztraminer (aromatic, medium body dry wine). Overall, this white blend is (surprisingly) full bodied, with just a hint of sweetness. Once one manages to drink this wine warm, it’s more aromatic, thick and tasteful, reminiscent of a sherry. In my experience, sherry wines smell and taste a lot like soy sauce mixed with vinegar, which really isn’t my vibe to be honest. Full bodied in terms of wine means it is rich and creamy.

Most red wines tend to be full bodied, even more if they are dry. Full bodied wines have more complex flavors, which can include various items such as oak, peppercorn, dark chocolate, and smoke, all of which will linger on your tongue unless cleansed with food or water. Most white wines tend to be light bodied, sweet or dry (such as Pinot Grigio). Due to its unique blend of four different grapes, the wine gets the best of all four flavors, becoming slightly sweet, yet mostly dry, rich, and creamy.

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