Wine tasting at Peirano Estate Vineyards

For my birthday back in February, Mike and I went to Sacramento for the weekend. On our way back home, after plenty of days of going to clubs and bars and waking up hungover, I spotted a sign for wine tasting. I thought, without hesitation, that this was the time for some “refined” drinking. They had about a dozen wines to sample, most of which were red. I don’t know if it was because I was a birthday boy but the wine tasting experience was free of charge! In addition I was gifted a handy wine and beer bottle opener. Thank you Peirano!

Anyways, I had never tried any red wines before but I was willing and more inclined to since I like beer. Red wine, especially the dry kinds, is essentially like a more refined beer to me. It’s bitter with certain notes of flavors just like the hops in beers. Me like! In all of the sampling, they definitely had notes of very dark chocolate, peppercorn, and of sour dried fruits.

Of course, they had snacks to as well. Most unique was the spicy jams they had out, which I never knew existed. It’s eerily similar to an Asian sauce: spicy sweet and sour sauce. Before leaving, we purchased 2 bottles: Moscato Lodi and Immortal Zin. The Moscato was delicately fruity, though Mike had the majority of the bottle, as I was mostly on my own for the much dryer red zinfandel. You can check out their full selection of wines from their website here.