Dark ‘n Stormy cocktail

So, we were browsing around in Costco and stumbled over a unique sounding drink: the Dark ‘n Stormy. It’s a cocktail composed of ginger beer mixed with rum (specifically Black Seal rum in this case). I can definitely say it’s worth a try and that I would love to make my own Dark ‘n Stormy one day. Not only would that be substantially cheaper, but I’d concoct one that is lower in calories by using a zero sugar or reduced sugar ginger beer (which tends to be very sugary).

For those who don’t know, ginger beer is just a stronger ginger ale and it’s nonalcohol. Black rum is the most aged rum variant, obtaining its color and unique flavor from the wooden casks it is aged in. Dark and Stormy cocktails are also garnished with a lime peel or has lime added to it.