We are dedicated to the education, awareness, and visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and straight ally community. As an organization we value equality, pride, and leadership. We also believe in the principles of social justice and building community.


This project was originally launched in 2010 as Queer Landia. This was our first version of a national blog and information site covering LGBTQ+ topics and events. In 2011, we merged our 5 local stand-alone blogs (Queer Philadelphia, Queer Miami, Queer Dallas, Queer Seattle, and Queer Portland) into one big happy gay family. In 2017, we rebranded and revamped some of our operations and staff and emerged as GAYLANDIA USA.


There will be several great reasons to advertise with us after the pandemic releases its death grip on our economy. We are a “family” owned and operated company and will also provide a slew of business services to help LGBTQ+ organizations grow and develop their brands. We are a lean and flexible firm that’s passionate about helping gay and gay-friendly companies thrive. From marketing and promotion, events and technology, and everything in between we’d love to help you grow your business, cut costs, and streamline processes.

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We proudly and emphatically endorse Biden and Harris in 2024!