We are dedicated to the education, awareness, and visibility of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, and straight ally community. As an organization we value equality, pride, leadership, and technology. We also believe in the principles of social justice and building community.


This project was originally launched in 2010 as Queer Landia. This was our first version of a national blog and information site covering LGBTQ+ topics and events. In 2011, we merged our 5 local stand-alone blogs (Queer Philadelphia, Queer Miami, Queer Dallas, Queer Seattle, and Queer Portland) into one big happy gay family. In 2017, we rebranded and revamped some of our operations and staff and emerged as GAYLANDIA USA.


We have an ardent passion for technology here at GAYLANDIA. From web development to e-commerce to IT support and consulting…we can do it all! We’d love to help you with your web and technology needs. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find quality services for gay or gay-friendly business needs. Business owners need to running and growing their revenue, not trying to figure out how to meet your own tech needs. That’s where GAYLANDIA U.S.A. can help. Think of us like your outsourced IT department. No job is too big or too small. We always give free 30-minute first consultations. Contact us today and let’s get started upgrading your digital nervous system at lgbtq at gaylandia dot com.


Membership will have its perks! Stay tuned for more information…


There are several great reasons to advertise with us. We are a “family” owned and operated company and are in good standing with the State of Delaware. We are a lean and flexible technology company that’s passionate about helping LGBTQ+ companies and organizations thrive. From marketing and promotion, events and technology, and everything in between we’d love to help you grow your business, cut costs, and streamline processes. You can use this form to contact us today.

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