Ezra Miller strikes out

Ezra Miller had caught the public eye on March 2022 with his incident in Hilo, Hawaii, charged with disorderly conduct and harassment after an incident at a karaoke bar. Only a month after, still in Hawaii, they threw a chair at a woman, injuring her. I lost total respect for Miller at this point, and especially when he seemed to only care about his pronouns, after a police officer called him sir. Miller went all complicated, saying you can call me Mx (mix?) and that it is a hate crime. Whatever, dude (also gender neutral capable). Now, Ezra Miller, who is an accomplished actor by the way, was caught on video stealing alcohol bottles from a house. It’s obviously not about the money, but the act of just being, criminal.

…And this is before the burglary.

As insane as this is, Ezra Miller also has further controversies, before he caught the eye of the public this year. He was in Iceland in the spring of 2020 stirring trouble at a bar (of course), and was caught on video choking a woman and throwing her to the ground. Miller also appears to have inappropriate interest in children, with two parents notably obtaining a protective order against Miller for their daughter, Tokata, who has allegedly been physically and emotionally abused. Tokata is now 18, but Miller had displayed an interest in her when she was 12, when she and her parents protested the Dakota Access Pipeline. A mother and her 12 year old child was also recently given a temporary harassment protection order against Miller. Yikes. There’s more, but it’s safe to say that Ezra Miller is toxic enough as it is, no?