Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020): Awesome!

After learning the ropes of Microsoft’s console environment with the Xbox One X, I was finally ready to upgrade to the Xbox Series X. I know the Xbox Series X (XSX) is now 3 years old, but it’s still the most powerful gaming console to exist. One of the “games”, or rather, simulator, that took full advantage of the XSX’s powerful hardware is Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020). Notice how the year date is listed; this is because there a a multitude of Microsoft Flight Simulators, with the original launching in 1982. MSFS 2020 is the first edition to support 4K HDR10. The simulator itself has a wide variety of aircraft, locations, and lifelike controls. The simulator is “free” to play if you have a Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate, which gives access to hundreds of games and content, even on on PC via Windows 10/11. Anyone with a serious gaming rig too can appreciate the simulator.