Pride Watch: Boston

The Boston Pride festival for 2020 has been cancelled. Instead, it will redouble its efforts on June, 2021. It is very important to keep in mind that “pride” itself is never cancelled, just the physical mass gathering part of it. Most celebrations have gone virtual and with a slew of virtual events and activities. Boston has possibly hinted at a virtual pride, though it’s likely it will just be other kinds of events (such as the live stream fundraiser flyer above). Whatever the plans, be safe, keep others safe, and celebrate responsibly at home!

Even though we won’t be able to be out in the streets together this June, Pride exists in all of us. Boston Pride is still as committed as ever to live our mission – to honor and celebrate our social, legal and political successes while we continue to work for social justice and human rights. The Boston Pride Board, staff, and hundreds of volunteers who comprise Pride Committees will work remotely, developing creative ways to keep us connected. We intend to celebrate our 50th anniversary throughout all of 2020 and into 2021, so we will find innovative solutions to bring our people together to commemorate our rich history and community. For now, keep an eye out for digital programming to excite and enrich the lives of Boston’s LGBTQ population.

Read the full statement at their website.