Recas Castle Riesling | Romania

We had the opportunity to do some wine tasting at Total Wine recently and we not only had a great time, but we came away with a variety of bottles to reviewed. I was particularly looking forward to trying out this Riesling all the way from Transylvania. According to the manufacturer, “An amazing value from Eastern Europe, this delicious white is off-dry, with fresh notes of apple and peach, carried on a ripe, lush palate coated with ripe fruit. A delicious pairing with fresh fruit or cheeses after a meal, and ideal as an aperitif.”

The fist good thing I can say about this wine is that it is super economical at just $6.99 so it goes really easy on any budget. I have enjoyed other higher quality wines in this price range, for example, Chateau St. Michelle. Unfortunately, this Romanian wine tastes absolutely awful. It’s super, super dry but not only that, it tastes like ass after it’s been wiped with rubbing alcohol. After delving further into the research for this post it’s definitely meant to be a dry wine. It’s a clear miss, however, because that is not made clear on the bottle itself. At best, that’s bad marketing, at worst it’s deceitful. Even if I liked dry white wines, this Riesling is bitter and acidic. It’s supposed to hint at notes of apples and peaches but apparently, they meant fruits drenched in mud.

The last good thing I’ll say about this Riesling is that your feelings won’t be too hurt but I only wasted $7 to try it out. My grade: D-