Senator Raphael Warnock on Kentanji Brown Jackson confirmation

Today is a bright spot in a week and month of darkness in Ukraine and more mass shootings in Sacramento. Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to sit on the highest court of the land. After 108 straight white male judges have been confirmed and served on the U.S. Supreme Court, we now have the first African American woman in history to do so!

Sen. Raphael Warnock, D-Ga., spoke in support of Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Senate confirmation vote on April 7. He said he was “beyond thrilled” to vote for her confirmation.

“I know what it has taken for Judge Jackson to get to this moment, and nobody’s going to steal my joy. Yes I’m a senator, I’m a pastor. But beyond all of that, I’m the father of a young Black girl. I know how much it means for Judge Jackson to have navigated the double jeopardy of racism and sexism to now stand in the glory of this moment, in all of her excellence,” Warnock said.

Jackson was nominated by President Joe Biden in February to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. If confirmed, Jackson will be the first Black woman on the high court.

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