Snickers Spain: Oopsies

Homophobia is typically seen as an egregious action against a person or the LGBTQ+ community (like Hungary’s super homophobic government right now), but sometimes, homophobia can be subtle, usually a result of being “tone deaf” or ignorance. Snickers Spain homophobic act recently was a simple and short video ad. An effeminate guy is described as not being himself (from hunger), and after satiating it with a Snickers, is not so effeminate.

Sure, it seems funny and harmless, and probably would be considered as such by many. But, Spain is one of the world’s most LGBTQ+ friendly countries, and was recently shocked by a brutal homophonic attack killing a 24 year old. Nevertheless, Snickers pulled the ad and apologized. That’s good humility on the part of a giant corporate entity, which we really need more of (unlike when other companies bow down to homophobia and pull ads that have anything LGBTQ+ in them).