What’s a Bloody Maria?

We all know what a Bloody Mary is: Vodka and a blended tomato juice concoction. But what about a Bloody Maria? (Yes that’s a real cocktail name). As you would expect, it’s very similar to a Bloody Mary, but instead of Vodka, there’s Tequila. While Vodka tends to be more neutral and somewhat acidic, silver Tequila oftentimes is sweet and mellow; aged varieties (real golden Tequila) also add a bit of spice from the Oak barrels it was aged in.

In my personal opinion, a Bloody Maria tastes different in that there’s somehow a hint of pineapple. As such, I think Tequila is better suited with spicy mixtures, such as Cutwater’s Spicy Bloody Mary/Maria mix. But there’s more interesting flavors to play around with too, such as Mezcal (in essence it’s Tequilla, but very smoky!), or Jalopeno infused Tequilla.