What’s up with JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter universe?

The Harry Potter Franchise (including Fantastic Beasts) is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beloved stories. While it certainly is a lot about magic, there is much about human relationships, identity, and so on. Yet, the author of the books (which the movies are of course built on), who shall not be named any further, has degenerated into some kind of twitter troll, becoming allies with hateful conservatives. It seems to have begun with JK Rowling’s transphobic posts, in which she accuses trans people as erasing the concept of sex and invalidating what it means to be a biological woman.

Dr. Gary Jenkins

From that point on, all she has done is anger the LGBTQ+ community, offering no real apologies. As a result, her name is barely visible on the more recent Fantastic Beasts movies; she wasn’t in the 2021 Harry Potter reunion either. Jk Rowling’s most recent stunt was mocking South Wales Police’s LGBTQ+ outreach over a simple typo (as well as encouraging trolls to hop in). A man, Dr. Gary Jenkins, was recently attacked and murdered by 3 homophobic people around the area. All I can say is that JK Rowling has became a real bitch, probably after having made plenty of money from the Harry Potter films.