American Girl releases first doll with LGBTQ+ storyline.

American Girl is a diverse and ever increasing collection of American made girl dolls, and are accompanied with books that are told from the doll’s perspective. I’m not a doll person (Sorry, not sorry Annabelle), nor have I ever heard of American Girl. However, I do know that their most recent doll, Kira Bailey, has pissed off Conservative Christians (what an oxymoron), or should I say the Pharisees and the Sadducees. And when these kind of people are pissed, you know good has happened.

Girl doll with lesbian aunts: 1 Homophobes: 0

No, Kira Bailey isn’t a lesbian, nor is she trans. Instead, her story book is the target. She has lesbian aunts in Australia, who were able to get married in 2017 (when Australia passed marriage equality). That’s literally it, she has lesbian aunts. If that’s enough to get the attention of hate groups like “One Million Moms” (better known as One Meddling Mom in this GLAAD article), it’s going to make my day when American Girl releases a doll with who herself has an LGBTQ+ background (which they really should do).

The only power hate groups ever had on companies was their wallet, but honestly, bigots are few to the many. It seems companies are finally getting that message and won’t cower as hard as Hallmark did in 2019 (Though they made up for that in late 2020). As Capitalist Spock would say, “The wallets of the many outweights the wallets of the few.”

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