Dead Space Remake on Xbox Series

Have a Xbox Ultimate Game subscription, or have yet to try it out (via a free trial)? The Dead Space remake officially launched a year ago, but had been added last October for subscribers to play, though I didn’t have the hardware to even consider playing it. But now I do, and it is time to be scared shitless. For those unaware, the original Dead Space launched in 2008, with the reputation of being one of the most horrifying games out there. It’s a very dark twist on “zombies”, with Dead Space literally meaning humanity hasn’t found aliens because they’re all “dead”.

The original was successful enough to garner not just one sequel, but two. Unfortunately, the 3rd one fizzled out due to Electronic Art’s (EA; owned by Disney FYI) greed, and it has been 11 years since then. Then EA decided to right some wrongs, beginning by showing some serious commitment in reworking the first game. You might be thinking of going back to play the older titles, and you can, as they have been available on the game pass for quite some time. But, the remake is almost exactly like the original, so it’s not a bad place to start at all.